Whenever I take out my camera, I think about the message that I want to portray about my subjects, whether they're humans or wildlife. I want to form an emotional connection between them and my viewers; to give these voiceless characters a chance to tell their important stories. 

I want my photos to speak for themselves, but that's only half the battle. To have the greatest storytelling impact, I accompany images with a level of information that ensures viewers come away knowing something new about our planet. Communication like this is absolutely key to having the biggest impact. It adds depth to your photography. It allows the viewer to relish in new cultures and wildlife behaviours that they have never seen before, or offer a new angle on something they already know. It gives the full story.

Photography is a process, and during that process you will make mistakes - and this is perfectly normal. It's a massive learning curve and a chance to find out what works best for you. Experiment, try something that seems unusual in your settings or your angles and create something new. 



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